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Funniest part was... there was no funny part.

I'd struggle to really even call this much of a parody. The only things really relating to Street Fighter are observations made by a million people before and since. Chun Li has thunder thighs! Guile's attack is Sonic Boom and the main theme to Sonic CD was also named Sonic Boom! Rufus is fat! HILARITY!

Well, actually, I guess that can be funny, but it needs good execution. In this thing it's just mentioned and then never followed up on. Umm... HILARITY!

And of course, just like Brawl Taunts, there's the constant use of internet memes with no real context or any real need for them to be there. Kanye West? Lost the game? The King of Hyrule? Really? Why not just throw in All Your Base and a big gay dance with them dancing to Numa Numa while you're at it?

And what was up with that... fast food place was it? What did that have to do with anything?

Really, the only difference between this and Brawl Taunts is that this uses Street Fighter characters instead of Nintendo ones. Besides that it's more or less the same level of writing.

Scoot's actually a pretty decent animator, so I'm giving it a few stars for that. Just too bad he chose to collab with someone whose writing makes Legendary Frog's look like comedy gold.

If anyone wants a good SF parody might I recommend Street Fighter Narration? It's short and simple but far funnier than anything in this.

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You again?

I hope you realise you're just giving attention to this whole Piconjo thing. "Oh noes, someone insulted a guy I'll probably never meet and I'm angry just because I love the flash he does." Something tells me that yet another Wonchop pwning will be coming out soon.

Anyway, on to the m00fie. The graphics were OK I suppose, but would it have killed you to spend 5 minutes drawing a background? Sound, well, I guess it's decent, at least you know about compression. Style... you cannot pwn Piconjo, k? He is unpwnable. Violence... the clowns maybe? I dunno, that kinda wrecked my speakers.

I won't say to stop flash altogether, but at least put a bit more effort into your attempted pwning, k? k.

Roffles liek I shall be fair...

... even if I am a 1337 Piconjer.

OK, this is spoofing The Epic Kiss series. The "joke" is the monkey guy grabs Piconjo's lips and punches him in the head. Hmm... where oh where have I seen that before? Oh wait, THE SIMPSONS! Typical LF "humour;" using jokes from popular (I use that loosely, I can't stand The Simpsons now) TV shows.

Spoof a different flash if you do decide to make more anti-Piconjo m00fies please. kthnx. Piconjo <3's j00

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Wonchop responds:

yeah, I know it was from the Simpsons. It was the only one to suit the situation. A kick to the crotch just wouldn't have worked to the same.

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